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Product photography, sometimes called e-commerce photography, is a highly specialized genre of the photography industry. 

Why Hire a Product Photographer?

Professional product images are linked to a significant increase in consumer sales.

The imagery seen in magazines and advertisements usually results from several images captured, combined, and retouched in Photoshop by a highly trained retouching artist or a “Product Photographer” specializing in both photography and advanced photo editing.

Traditional photographers can sometimes offer product photography; however, a specialized “product photographer” has spent thousands of dollars on specialized lenses, studio flash lighting, and other essential equipment, along with advanced training, honing their lighting and retouching skills to display your product in its best possible light.

Simply put, a do-it-yourself YouTube video reproduced by an amateur with some entry-level equipment will not yield the same imagery that your product needs in a fiercely competitive market.

I like you use this analogy to make the point.
If you switch jobs and now need to reinvest your 401k, what should you do?

  1. Look it up on YouTube yourself and DIY
  2. Ask cousin Bob, the plumber with the thriving business.
  3. See a professional wealth manager to maximize your investment and minimize your risk.

After all, isn’t it the same thing? Your business needs to look professional, and your brand needs to look and feel consistent to turn browsers into purchasers! As my slogan states. “When you can’t show your products in person, everything hinges on the quality of your photographs.”

Here are some reasons why professional Product Photography is good for business.

  • People are naturally visually orientated. Studies have proven that people remember more than 80% of what they see and usually less than 20% of what they read. So if your product isn’t jumping off the shelf, ask yourself this question. “What do my online visuals look like?” Are they high-quality professional photographs? Does my website look professional? If your needing help with a website, please visit our marketing website.
  • Customers have come to expect an effective visual engagement from your product. In addition, they want the in-store experience with your product in an online format. Beautiful, clean, crisp images that a customer can experience from multiple angles and in different settings can satisfy that online expectation.
  • Customers who are “not” engaged with your imagery are less likely to explore the product further. This makes them more likely to leave your website and move to a competitor’s website instead.
    Remember, your images must convince customers to buy from you without physically seeing or holding a product.

Quite often, how well you are professionally represented in these areas is often what the consumer perceives as how truly invested you are in your brand, product, and overall business.

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