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Our Process is Quick & Easy!

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You send it – We shoot it – You download it!

When you can’t show your products in person, everything hinges on the quality of your photographs.

1. Contact us for a quote and discuss your project.

Start your order today by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call, and we will provide you with an initial quote. We will contact you when your product arrives to book your virtual photoshoot.

2. Send us your products.


Pack your products and send them to our Rockwall Texas studio. Carefully select the best products if possible, and try to avoid dings and scratches. Pack each item securely and insure them if you feel it is necessary. Enclose your contact information inside the box so we can let you know when your products arrive.

  • Large projects for first time customers may require a deposit.
  • Please send it by UPS or FedEx. Unfortunately, the USPS is not a very reliable service in this area.

3. After reviewing your products, we can offer updated suggestions and or an updated quote based on the condition of your products and schedule your virtual photoshoot.

When your products arrive, we will contact you to let you know. We will go over the details of your order and discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have before we set up your virtual photoshoot. 

4. Attend your Virtual Photoshoot

We will start your virtual photoshoot available via Zoom.
Any computer, browser, or smartphone is all you need to join the meeting. See exactly what our camera sees! Make real-time choices about camera angle lighting and other specifics to better serve your needs. Time limits may apply based on the scope of your project.

After the photoshoot, we can send you a viewable-only link to the (Unedited) photos captured during your photoshoot if needed. Make sure we are in complete assurance of the captures you would like us to finish out.

All photos approved for the finishing process MUST be purchased as the photoshop process is quite time-consuming. The photos not approved will be discarded and not charged.

5. Pay for your images and download them.

Once your photos are edited and ready, we will send you a last proof of your “finished” images.

When your order is approved and your invoice is paid, we will make your photos available for download. If you’d like to make any changes or additions (an additional charge may apply), let us know, and we’ll make them before shipping your products back.

When your project is complete, we’ll carefully pack up and ship your products back to you. Shipping fees can be included in your invoice, or prepaid FedEx or UPS labels are also welcome.
















“Curtis is professional, timely and understands all of the technical requirements of the imagery he provides for us. I’ve used studios with teams of photographers who can’t do the quality of work that Curtis does.”
Rick Vergara

Director of eCommerce, 7 Eleven

“Curtis is incredibly easy to work with. His communication is fantastic, and his work is some of the best I’ve seen. I’ve used his photography and touchup services for three years now and I can’t foresee ever using anyone else. If you’re looking for a truly professional product at prices that are fair, you’re not going to find a better experience than the one found working with Curtis. ”

Brad Amy

Global Brand Manager , Temple Fork Outfitters

“The quality of Curtis’ work and his dependability to get the job done and done right, and on the tight time frames that we work on, has never disappointed us. Curtis is a valuable asset to our company and a trustworthy partner.”
Jakub Maslikowski

Director of Marketing, VectorNav

Ship to:
 2327 Graystone Dr. Rockwall, Texas 75032
Call or Text  972-989-7185