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Product photography
HERO Shots

This advanced version of our BASIC product photography service includes multiple image captures if needed with custom lighting techniques
combined into a single image with advanced retouching. 

Starting at $60 per photo

Challenges with this product.

The gold lid has manufacturing imperfections.

The logo is off centered and not visible.

HERO Photo Solutions

Recreate and smooth the lid to eliminate the imperfections.

Replace the logo with the customer provided artwork.

Photography Options 


Perfect for demonstrating use and scale, hand modeling can be added to any of your photos as an optional service.

Add an additional $20 to any photo

Frequently Asked

What if I would like an image to be re-shot?

Reshoots and edits. During the review period, you may contact us to request changes to the Content such as reshoots, edits, or additional photos. Re-shoots for artistic or editorial reasons, or resulting from client error or omission of information or just changing your mind on angles or styles will be quoted at the time of the change request. We will reshoot or edit photos free of charge only under the following circumstances:

  1. Work not completed as specified on the accompanying shot list. If we make an error and deliver work that is not correct as specified on its accompanying shot list, we will reshoot or edit the work, as needed, to correct the error.
  2. You request images to be edited. If you see anything in the Content that you’d like us to touch-up, we will be happy to perform one (1) round of editing, free of charge, at your request to further adjust details such as color, tone, minor blemishes, and any other adjustments that can be made without reshooting the Content.


How much does it cost? The biggest factor in the overall cost of a project is the number of photos being ordered. Because it’s much more efficient to shoot one large project versus several smaller ones, our pricing structure includes discounts as the size of your order increases. Detailed rates can be found on our pricing page.

How do I pay?

How do I pay? Large first-time orders may need to place a security deposit prior to us starting your project with the balance due once the proofs have been approved and prior to final delivery. We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal. Many of our customers enjoy having an open account billed and paid monthly.


Do I need to be located near Rockwall Texas to be a client? You don’t need to be in Rockwall Texas (a suburb of Dallas),  In fact, over 80% of our clients are located outside the Dallas Fort Worth area. Since the beginning, we have been primarily a “mail-order” service providing professional product photography. UPS and FedEx only please Ship to:  2327 Graystone Dr. Rockwall, Texas 75032

What's the best way to contact the studio?

Phone consultations are always available but we are often in the studio or consulting with a client so the best method to contact us is by either our Chat option our contact page form and by email  For an urgent response try sending us a text at 972-989-7185.

Do you ship my products back when you’re done?

Do you ship my products back when you’re done? Absolutely! The cost of return shipping will be included on your invoice or you can provide a return prepaid mailing label with your products but please choose FedEx or UPS. Unfortunately, the USPS in this area has proven to not live up to our standard of predictable delivery in the past. Alternatively, we can donate your products to a local charity or discard them if you don’t want them back.

How long do photography projects take?

How long do photography projects take? Most projects are delivered in about 1 week, excluding holidays, from when we receive your products and your approval to start. If your project involves a large number of photos or very complex hero photos this may add to the production time. Please call ahead for current production times.

Hero Photos

Hero Photos are photographed at  5472 × 3648 pixels (before cropping) and are delivered in a PNG or layered tiff or Photoshop format with transparency.

Our Delivery

Delivery of approved photos occurs via our download service. Upon completion of your project, you will be provided a unique download link to download your images.

In what format are my photos delivered? Standard product photos are a high resolution, 300 DPI jpeg using maximum quality settings or PNG for transparent background images measuring 5472 × 3648 pixels in size. Depending on product shape, white space may be cropped, slightly reducing the final file size depending on the product.

What kind of license comes with the images?

What kind of license comes with the images? Upon final delivery and payment, the photographs become fully licensed to you for use on a Lifetime royalty-free basis


"Curtis is professional, timely and understands all of the technical requirements of the imagery he provides for us. I've used studios with teams of photographers who can't do the quality of work that Curtis does."
Rick Vergara

Director of eCommerce, 7 Eleven

“Curtis is incredibly easy to work with. His communication is fantastic, and his work is some of the best I’ve seen. I’ve used his photography and touchup services for three years now and I can’t foresee ever using anyone else. If you’re looking for a truly professional product at prices that are fair, you’re not going to find a better experience than the one found working with Curtis. ”

Brad Amy

Global Brand Manager , Temple Fork Outfitters

"The quality of Curtis' work and his dependability to get the job done and done right, and on the tight time frames that we work on, has never disappointed us. Curtis is a valuable asset to our company and a trustworthy partner."
Jakub Maslikowski

Director of Marketing, VectorNav

Ship to:
 2327 Graystone Dr. Rockwall, Texas 75032
Call or Text  972-989-7185